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BigSpoonPeanutPecanButter   Peanut Pecan Butter, 10oz
OrganicPearsBartlett   Pears, Barlett ~ 1.5 lbs, 3 to 4 ea
FMPecansShelled   Pecans, shelled ~ 4oz
OrganicPepperRedBell   Pepper, Red Bell ~ 1 Count
OrganicPepperRedBellTwo   Pepper, Red Bell ~ 2 Count
CoonRockPeppersGreenBell   Peppers, Green Bell - 2 peppers
CoonRockFarmMixedPeppers   Peppers, Mix of sweet banana, poblano, & bells ~ 1lb
PickledSillyDillyBeans   Pickled Dilly Beans, 16 oz glass jar
PickledSillySampler   Pickled Silly Pickle Sampler
CCREspressPiedmont   Piedmont Espresso Blend Coffee ~ 1/2 lb
ECOPizzaDoughMix   Pizza Dough Mix - 1 lb. bag
RecipeKitPizzaPepporoniArugula   Pizza Recipe Kit, Pepperoni & Arugula ~ Makes 2 Pizzas
BCBBSmokedTomatoVinaigrette   Pompieri Pizza Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette, 12oz jar
ChadCaroCornPopcornCarmSmall   Popcorn, Caramel ~ 1 small bag (4 cup)
ChadCaroCornPopcornCarmSmall3   Popcorn, Caramel ~ 3 small bags
ChadCaroCornPopcornCarm   Popcorn, Caramel ~ 8 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornChoc   Popcorn, Dark Chocolate ~8 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornDillPickle   Popcorn, Dill Pickle ~ 10 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornKettle   Popcorn, Kettle Corn ~ 10 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornWhChSmall   Popcorn, White Cheddar ~ 1 small bag (4 cup size)
ChadCaroCornPopcornWhCh   Popcorn, White Cheddar ~ 10 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornWhChSmall3   Popcorn, White Cheddar ~ 3 small bags (4 cup size)
CoonRockPorkBostonButt   Pork Boston Butt ~ 3 lbs
CoonRockBrothStockPork   Pork Broth Stock ~ (24 oz)
CoonRockPorkChops   Pork Chops ~ 1 to 1.2 lbs, 2 chops
CoonRockPorkHock   Pork Ham Hock ~ 1.5lbs
CoonRockPate   Pork Liver & Sweet Potato Pate - 1/3 lb
CoonRockLiver   Pork Liver - 1 lb pack sliced
CoonRockPorkShank   Pork Shank (osso bucco) ~ 1.5lbs
CoonRockPorkShoulder   Pork Shoulder Roast Boneless/Netted ~ 3 lbs
CoonRockPorkNeckBones   Pork Soup (Neck & Back) Bones ~ 3lbs
CoonRockSpareRibs   Pork Spare Ribs ~ 1 lb
CaroKettleDownEastBBQ   Potato Chips, Down East BBQ ~ 5oz bag
CaroKettleDillPickle   Potato Chips, Outer Banks Dill Pickle ~ 5oz bag
CaroKettleSeaSalt   Potato Chips, Outer Banks Sea Salt ~ 5oz bag
ECOPotatoesColoradoRose   Potatoes, Desiree ~ 2 lbs
ECOPotatoesFingerlingBanana   Potatoes, Fingerling ~ 1.5 lbs
ECOPotatoesKennebec   Potatoes, Kennebec ~ 1.5 lbs
ECOPotatoesPurpleViking   Potatoes, Purple ~ 1.5 lbs
ECOPotatoesRedLaSoda   Potatoes, Red LaSoda ~ 2 lbs
OrganicPotatoesRed   Potatoes, Red Organic ~ 2 lbs
OrganicPotatoesRusset   Potatoes, Russet Idaho Organic ~ 2.0 lbs
OrganicPotatoesYukonGold   Potatoes, Yukon Gold Organic ~ 2.0 lbs
SunBurstTroutFilletFresh1lb   Rainbow Trout Fish Fillets, 2 fillets ~ 1lb
RecipeKitBaconMarinaraPasta   Recipe Kit, Bacon Marinara Pasta, Serves 4
RecipeKitBraisedPorkShank   Recipe Kit, Braised Pork Shank, Serves 4
RecipeKitMeatLoaf   Recipe Kit, Meatloaf with GrassFed Beef & Pastured Pork, Serves 4
RecipeKitRoastedAcornSquash   Recipe Kit, Roasted Acorn Squash with Brown Butter Shallots, Serves 4 to 6
RecipeKitQuicheSausageArugula   Recipe Kit, Sausage & Arugula Quiche, Serves 6 to 8
RecipeKitSoySorghumShortRibs   Recipe Kit, Soy Sorghum Beef Short Ribs, Serves 4
RecipeKitStuffedAcornSquash   Recipe Kit, Stuffed Acorn Squash, Serves 6 to 8
RecipeKitSweetPotatoSkins   Recipe Kit, Sweet Potato Skins ~ Serves 8
RecipeKitWarmCabbageSalad   Recipe Kit, Warm Cabbage Salad, Serves 4 to 6
RCGClassicPimento   Red Clay Gourmet Classic Sharp Cheddar Pimento Cheese ~ 10oz
RedClayHotSauce   Red Clay Hot Sauce - 5oz
RedClayHotSauceVerde   Red Clay Verde Hot Sauce - 5oz
0-Restocking-Fee   Restocking Fee
CoonRockRosemary   Rosemary - 1 oz
CoonRockSageSausagePatties   Sage Sausage Patties ~ 3/4 lb
SanGuisSalamiClassico   San Guiseppe Salami (Soppressata) Classico ~ 6oz
SanGuisChorizoDried   San Guiseppe Spanish Style Chorizo ~ 5oz
CoonRockBolognaPork   Sandwich Bologna (pork & beef) ~ 1/2lb package, sliced
CoonRockHamDeli   Sandwich Ham Slices ~ 1/2 lb package, sliced
CoonRockPastrami   Sandwich Pastrami ~ 1/2 lb, sliced
CoonRockRoastBeef   Sandwich Roast Beef Slices ~ 1/2 lb package, sliced
CoonRockSalami   Sandwich Salami ~ 1/2 lb package, sliced
NthStrSavoryHandPie   Savory Hand Pie (bag of 3)
CoonRockSavorySageSausage   Savory Sausage with Extra Sage, bulk ~ 1 lb
NthStrSconeAsiagoCheese   Scones, Asiago Cheese (bag of 3)
NthStrSconeChocWalnut   Scones, Chocolate Walnut (bag of 3)
NthStrSconeMaple   Scones, Maple (bag of 3)
LocalsSeaScallops   Sea Scallops, Dry-pack Frozen ~ 1/2lb pack, 6-8/pack
RedMtnShampooLavender   Shampoo, Red Mountain Goodness Lavender Goat Milk Shampoo, ~2.75oz Bar
RedMtnShampooRosemary   Shampoo, Red Mountain Goodness Rosemary Goat Milk Shampoo Bar, ~2.75oz Bar
RedMtnShampooTeaTree   Shampoo, Tea Tree Goat Milk ~ 2.75oz Bar
LocalsShrimpLarge   Shrimp, Large, Frozen ~ 1lb pack, 21-30/pack
LocalsShrimpMedium   Shrimp, Medium, Frozen ~ 1lb pack, 31-40/pack
MrsRuthJustCherryJam   Simply Cherry Jam - 4oz
cloisterhoneywildflower3oz   Small Jar of Cloister Wildflower Honey - 3oz Jar
CoonRockBaconEnd   Smoked Bacon End Pieces ~1 lb
CoonRockBaconJowl   Smoked Jowl Bacon, Sliced ~ 1lb
CoonRockSmokedPolishSausage   Smoked Polish Sausage Cased Links ~ 1lb
GrowCookStockPorkSmoked   Smoked Pork Broth Stock (24 oz)
SunBurstTroutFilletSmoked   Smoked Trout Fish Fillets ~ 6oz
CoonRockSmokedBacon   Smoked/Sliced/Cured Bacon ~ 1lb
RedMtnSoapGiftBasketSmall   Soap Gift Bucket from Red Mountain Goodness
RedMtnSoapSaver   Soap Saver, Red Mountain Goodness
RedMtnSoapCitrus   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness Citrus Goat Milk - 5oz bar
RedMtnSoapHolidaySpice   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness Holiday Spice Goat Milk Soap - 5oz bar
RedMtnSoapLavender   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness Lavender Goat Milk - 5 oz bar
RedMtnSoapLimeCoconut   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness Lime & Coconut Goat Milk Soap - 5oz bar
RedMtnSoapOatmeal   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness Oatmeal Goat Milk - 5oz bar
RedMtnSoapOriginal   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness Original Goat Milk - 5oz bar
RedMtnSoapPeppermint   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness PepperMint Goat Milk - 5 oz bar
RedMtnSoapTeaTree   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness Tea Tree Goat Milk - 5oz bar
RedMtnSoapTeaTreeOatmeal   Soap, Red Mountain Goodness Tea Tree Plus Oatmeal Goat Milk - 5oz bar
LocalsSoftshellJumbo4Pack   Softshell Crabs, Cleaned, Frozen ~ 4ea
ECOSorghumMolasses   Sorghum Molasses - 1 pint
BreadShopLoafSourDough   Sour Dough Loaf Bread (sliced)
SouseBBQSauce16oz   SOUSE BBQ Sauce ~ 16oz bottle
GreenRiverPicklesSouthern   Southern Sweeties Pickles (bread and butter), 16 oz glass jar
ECOSquashAcorn   Squash, Acorn (medium) ~ 1.25 to 1.5 lbs
ECOSquashButternut   Squash, Butternut (small) ~ 1ea ~ 1.75 lbs
ECOSquashZucchini   Squash, Zucchini ~ 1.5 lbs
CoonRockStLouisRibs   St. Louis Ribs (baby back style) ~ 2 lbs
VirginiaVinegarWorksMalt   Starr Hill Malt Vinegar
CoonRockBeefStew   Stew Beef / Stir Fry- Approx 1 pound, FROZEN
SunBurstTroutJerkySmoked   Sunburst Trout Jerky (Smoked Fish) ~ 2oz
BreadShopLoafSunflower   Sunflower Loaf Bread (sliced)
CoonRockSweetItalianSausage   Sweet Italian Sausage Cased Links ~ 1 lb
ECOSweetPotatoesGarnet   Sweet Potatoes, Garnet ~ 2lbs
NthStrBreadSweetWheat   Sweet Wheat Bread
CoonRockTarragon   Tarragon - 1 oz
JamieFarmHouseChefSigned   The Farmhouse Chef: Recipes and Stories from My Carolina Farm (Cookbook)
RB   The Recommended Box
CoonRockChickenThighs   Thighs, Label Rouge Chicken, 4/pack ~ 1.2 lbs
ChapelHillToffeeBox   Toffee, Chapel Hill Toffee, 5oz box
CCRAguacate   Tomas Sosa Organic Honduras Coffee El Aguacate - 1/2 lb
ECOTomatoesCherryMixed   Tomatoes, Cherry, Mixed - 1 pint
ECOTomatoesHeirloom   Tomatoes, Heirloom, Mixed ~ 1 lb
ECOTomatoesRedSlicing   Tomatoes, Red Slicing ~ 2 tomatoes
BlueWhistlerTurkeyBreastBonele   Turkey Breast, Pasture Raised, non-GMO (1/pack) ~ 2.5 to 3 lbs
BlueWhistlerTurkeyDrumsticks   Turkey Drumsticks, Pasture Raised, non-GMO (2/pack) ~ 2.25 to 2.5 lbs
BlueWhistlerTurkeyThighsBonein   Turkey Thighs, Pasture Raised, non-GMO (2/pack) ~ 3.25 lbs
BlueWhistlerTurkeyWings   Turkey Wings, Pasture Raised, non-GMO (2/pack) ~ 2.5 to 3 lbs
ECOTurnipsPurpleTop   Turnips, Purple Top, loose, no tops ~ 2lbs
VideriChocSampler   Videri Chocolate Sampler
VideriDark70   Videri Classic Dark Chocolate Bars, 70% Cocoa ~ 1 bar
VideriDarkSeaSalt50   Videri Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bars, 60% Cocoa ~ 1 bar
VideriMilk50   Videri Dark Milk Chocolate Bars, 50% Cocoa ~ 1 bar
NthStrBreadWheatBerry   Wheat Berry Bread
FMFieldPeasWhiteAcreShelled   White Acre Cream Peas (shelled) ~ 1pint
JoyceChickenWholeNaked3.5   Whole "Naked Bird" Chicken, 3 to 3.5 lbs
JoyceDuck5.0   Whole Duck with Giblets, 5 to 5.5 lbs
RanLewMilkWholePint   Whole Milk, 1 pint
RanLewMilkWhole   Whole Milk, 1/2 gallon
BreadShopLoafWholeWheat   Whole Wheat Loaf Bread (sliced)
ECOPancakeMix   Whole Wheat Pancake Mix - 1 lb. bag
WildSalCoSalmonNovaLox   Wild Sockeye Salmon Nova Lox ~ 4oz
WildSalCoSalmonPortionSockeye   Wild Sockeye Salmon Portion ~ 6oz
GreenRiverPicklesWillysDillys   Willy's Dilly's Pickles (cucumber dill), 16 oz glass jar
CoonRockChickenWings   Wings, Label Rouge Chicken ~ 2 lbs
ECOYellowSquash   Yellow Squash ~ 1.5 lbs

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