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NthStrBreadTableBaguette   Ninth Street Table Baguette ~ 18", 12oz
CoonRockBeefSteakNYStrip45   NY Strip Steak (pack of 2 steaks) ~ .7 lbs
ECOSweetOnions   Onions, Red - 2 lbs
CoonRockOregano   Oregano - 1 oz
0-Shipping-Fee   Out of State Shipping Fee
CoonRockMeatSampler   Pasture Raised, Heritage Breed, Grass Fed Meat Sampler
SweetPeaPeaShoots   Pea Shoots Microgreens ~ 2oz compostable cup
FMPeaches   Peaches ~ 1.5 lbs
BigSpoonPeanutButter   Peanut Butter, 10oz
FMPecansShelled   Pecans, shelled ~ 4oz
CoonRockPigFeet   Pig Feet (split) - 2 per pack
ChadCaroCornPopcornCarmSmall   Popcorn, Caramel ~ 1 small bag (4 cup)
ChadCaroCornPopcornCarmSmall3   Popcorn, Caramel ~ 3 small bags
ChadCaroCornPopcornCarm   Popcorn, Caramel ~ 8 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornChoc   Popcorn, Dark Chocolate ~8 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornDillPickle   Popcorn, Dill Pickle ~ 10 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornKettle   Popcorn, Kettle Corn ~ 10 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornWhCh   Popcorn, White Cheddar ~ 10 cup bag
ChadCaroCornPopcornWhChSmall3   Popcorn, White Cheddar ~ 3 small bags (4 cup size)
CoonRockPorkBostonButt   Pork Boston Butt (boneless/netted) ~ 5 lbs
CoonRockBrothStockPork   Pork Broth Stock ~ (24 oz)
CoonRockPorkHock   Pork Ham Hock ~ 1.5lbs
CoonRockPorkHeart   Pork Heart (whole heart) ~ 2 lbs
CoonRockLiver   Pork Liver - 1 lb pack sliced
CoonRockPorkPicnic   Pork Picnic Shoulder Roast ~ 3 lbs
CoonRockPorkShank   Pork Shank (osso bucco) ~ 1.5lbs
CoonRockPorkShoulder   Pork Shoulder Roast Boneless/Netted ~ 2.5 lbs
CoonRockPorkNeckBones   Pork Soup (Neck & Back) Bones ~ 3lbs
CoonRockSpareRibs   Pork Spare Ribs ~ 1 lb
CoonRockPorkLoinBoneless   Pork, Boneless Center Cut Loin Roast ~ 6.75 lbs
ECOPotatoesYukon   Potatoes, Yukon Gold ~ 1.5 lbs
RecipeKitBraisedPorkShank   Recipe Kit, Braised Pork Shank, Serves 4
RedClayHotSauce   Red Clay Hot Sauce - 5oz
0-Restocking-Fee   Restocking Fee
CoonRockRosemary   Rosemary - 1 oz
NthStrSavoryHandPie   Savory Hand Pie (bag of 3)
CoonRockOnionsScallions   Scallions, Baby Green Onions - 1 bunch
NthStrSconeAsiagoCheese   Scones, Asiago Cheese (bag of 3)
NthStrSconeChocWalnut   Scones, Chocolate Walnut (bag of 3)
NthStrSconeMaple   Scones, Maple (bag of 3)
LocalsSeaScallops   Sea Scallops, Dry-pack Frozen ~ 1/2lb pack, 6-8/pack
ECOShiitake   Shiitake Mushrooms ~ 3.5 oz
LocalsShrimpLargeDeveined   Shrimp Peeled & Deveined, Large, Frozen ~ 1lb pack, 26/30 per pack
LocalsShrimpLarge   Shrimp, Large, Frozen ~ 1lb pack, 21-30/pack
EdwardsBaconSliced12oz   Sliced Hickory Bacon ~ 12oz
CoonRockBaconEnd   Smoked Bacon End Pieces ~1 lb
CoonRockBaconJowl   Smoked Jowl Bacon, Sliced ~ 1lb
CoonRockSmokedPolishSausage   Smoked Polish Sausage Cased Links ~ 1lb
GrowCookStockPorkSmoked   Smoked Pork Broth Stock (24 oz)
CoonRockSmokedBacon   Smoked/Sliced/Cured Bacon ~ 1lb
LocalsSoftshellCrabXlarge   Softshell Crabs, Jumbo Size, Frozen ~ 4 ea
BreadShopLoafSourDough   Sour Dough Loaf Bread (sliced)
ECOSquashZucchini   Squash, Zucchini ~ 1.25 lbs
CoonRockStLouisRibs   St. Louis Ribs (baby back style) ~ 3 lbs
CoonRockBeefStew   Stew Beef ~ 1lb
CoonRockBeefStirFry   Stir Fry Beef ~ 1lb
BreadShopLoafSunflower   Sunflower Loaf Bread (sliced)
SweetPeaSunflowerShoots   Sunflower Shoots Microgreens ~ 2oz compostable cup
SweetPeaSuperfoodsMixSprout   Superfoods Mix Microgreens ~ 2oz clamshell
FMCornYellow   Sweet Corn, Bi-Color (6 ears)
CoonRockSweetItalianSausage   Sweet Italian Sausage Cased Links ~ 1 lb
ECOSweetPotatoesCovington   Sweet Potatoes, Covington ~ 2 lbs
NthStrBreadSweetWheat   Sweet Wheat Bread
JamieFarmHouseChefSigned   The Farmhouse Chef: Recipes and Stories from My Carolina Farm (Cookbook)
JamieFarmHouseCookingSigned   The Farmhouse Chef: Recipes and Stories from My Carolina Farm (Cookbook)
RB   The Recommended Box
ECOTomatoesGrape   Tomatoes, Grape, Red - 1 pint
ECOTomatoesRedSlicing   Tomatoes, Red Slicing ~ 2 tomatoes
BlueWhistlerTurkeyWings   Turkey Wings, Pasture Raised, non-GMO (2/pack) ~ 2.5 to 3 lbs
ECOOnionsVidalia   Vidalia Onions ~ 2 lbs
EdwardsHamSlicedUncooked12oz   Virginia Country Ham Slices ~ 12oz (uncooked)
NthStrBreadWheatBerry   Wheat Berry Bread
SweetPeaWheatGrass2oz   Wheatgrass Microgreens ~ 2oz bag
SweetPeaWheatGrass8oz   Wheatgrass Microgreens ~ Large 8oz bag
JoyceChickenWholeNaked3.5   Whole "Naked Bird" Chicken, 3 to 3.5 lbs
JoyceDuck5.0   Whole Duck with Giblets, 5 to 5.5 lbs
JoyceChickenPouletrRouge3.0   Whole POULET ROUGE Chicken, 3.0 to 3.5 lbs
BlueWhistlerTurkeyWhole10lbs   Whole Turkey , Pasture Raised, non-GMO ~11 to 12lbs (frozen)
BreadShopLoafWholeWheat   Whole Wheat Loaf Bread (sliced)
ECOYellowSquash   Yellow Squash ~ 1.25 lbs

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