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CRFHerbLemonBalm   Lemon Balm - 1 oz
CRFHerbLemongrass   Lemongrass - 1 bunch
OrganicLemon   Lemons - 1lb, 3 to 4 ea
ECOLettuceButterhead   Lettuce, Butterhead - 1 head
CRFLettuceMixedHead   Lettuce, Mixed Heads - 1 head
CaroKettlePopcornLightnFit   Light-n-Fit Popcorn ~ 4oz bag
FHFBeefRoastLondonBroil   London Broil Beef Roast ~ 2.25 lbs
CRFBeefRoastLondonBroil   London Broil Beef Roast ~ 2.5 lbs
SunBurstTroutFilletColdSmoked   Lox Style Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout ~ 4oz, sliced
ECOLustyMonkChipotleMustard   Lusty Monk "Burn in Hell" Chipotle Mustard (9 oz)
ECOLustyMonkHoneyMustard   Lusty Monk Into Temptation Honey Mustard (9 oz)
ECOLustyMonkMustardOriginalSin   Lusty Monk Original Sin Mustard (9 oz)
CRFPorkMangaSaugHotItalianLink   Managalitsa Hot Italian Sausage Cased Links ~ 1 lb
CRFPorkMangaHamFresh   Mangalitsa (Wooly Pig) Fresh Ham Roast Bone-in ~ 3lbs
CRFPorkMangaSaugAndouilleSmoke   Mangalitsa Andouille Smoked Sausage (all pork) - 4 links ~ 1 lb
CRFPorkMangaSaugBratwurst   Mangalitsa Bratwurst Sausage Cased Links ~ 4 Links ~.9lbs
CRFPorkMangaSaugChorizoBulk   Mangalitsa Chorizo Sausage Bulk ~ 1 lb
CRFPorkMangaGround   Mangalitsa Ground Pork ~ 1 lb
CRFPorkMangaSaugItalianLinks   Mangalitsa Italian Sausage Cased Links ~ 4 Links ~.9lbs
CRFPorkMangaLeafLardRendered   Mangalitsa Leaf Lard (rendered) - 1 qt tub
CRFPorkMangaBostonButtButt   Mangalitsa Pork Boston Butt Bone-in ~ 2.8 lbs
CRFPorkMangaChops   Mangalitsa Pork Chops ~ 75lbs, 2 chops
CRFPorkMangaRoastPicnic   Mangalitsa Pork Picnic Shoulder Roast ~ 3 lbs
CRFPorkMangaShank   Mangalitsa Pork Shank Whole (osso bucco) ~ 1.3lbs
CRFPorkMangaTenderloin   Mangalitsa Pork Tenderloin ~ 0.85 lbs
CRFPorkLardMangaRendered   Mangalitsa Rendered Lard - 1 qt tub
CRFPorkMangaSaugSageBulk   Mangalitsa Sage Sausage Bulk ~.9lbs
CRFPorkMangaBacon   Mangalitsa Smoked Bacon, Sliced ~ 1lb
CRFPorkMangaBaconJowl   Mangalitsa Smoked Jowl Bacon (Guanciale), Sliced ~ 1lb
CRFPorkMangaSaugKielbasaSmoked   Mangalitsa Smoked Kielbasa Sausage Links ~ 1lb package
CRFPorkMangaStLouisRibs   Mangalitsa St. Louis Ribs (baby back style) ~ 1.3 lbs
CRFPorkMangaSaugItalianBulk   Mangalitsa Sweet/Mild Italian Sausage Bulk ~ 1 lb
LocalsShrimpMediumDeveined   Medium Shrimp Peeled & Deveined, Frozen ~ 1lb pack, 36/40 per pack
MelinaFettuccineEgg   Melina's Fettuccine, Egg (plain) - 1lb
MelinaGnocchiRicotta   Melina's Gnocchi, Ricotta - 1 lb
MelinaMealsLasagna4Cheese   Melina's Lasagna 4 cheese and roasted Garlic ~ 2.5lb
MelinaDoughPizzaWhite   Melina's Pizza Dough (white and wheat flour blend) ~ 1lb
MelinaRavioli3Cheese   Melina's Ravioli, 3 Cheese and Roasted Garlic - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliLemonRicotta   Melina's Ravioli, Lemon Ricotta - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliSpinachCheese   Melina's Ravioli, Spinach and Cheese - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaSpaghetti   Melina's Spaghetti - 1lb
MelinaSauceTomatoBasil   Melina's Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce - 16 oz
MelinaSauceParmesanCream   Melina's Tomato Parmesan Cream Sauce - 12 oz
CRFHerbMint   Mint - 1 oz
0-FreezerPalletFee   Monthly Freezer Pallet Fee
NthStrBBmuffin   Muffins, Blueberry ~ Mega-size (bag of 3)
NthStrBranmuffin   Muffins, Bran ~ Mega-size (bag of 3)
NthStrCarrotmuffin   Muffins, Carrot ~ Mega-size (bag of 3)
NthStrCranOrangemuffin   Muffins, Cranberry Orange ~ Mega-size (bag of 3)
CRFMuttonChopLoin   Mutton Chops, 4/pack ~ 1.2lbs
CRFLambOrganKidney   Mutton Kidney ~ 1 lb
CRFMuttonChopsRib   Mutton Rib Chops (2 to 3 chops) ~ 1 lb total weight
LocalsStripedBassFilletFresh   NCSU Farmed Fish Striped Sea Bass Fillet ~ 1lb
NthStrGranola   Ninth Street Hazelnut Granola ~ 1lb
NthStrBreadCountryLoafLarge   Ninth Street Large Country Loaf ~ 13", 2lbs
NthStrBreadCountryLoafSmall   Ninth Street Small Country Loaf Batard ~ 10", 1.5lbs
CRFBeefSteakNYStrip45   NY Strip Steak ~ .6lbs
ECOOkra   Okra (green or red)~ 1lb
ECOOnionsRed   Onions, Red - 1.5 lbs
CRFHerbOregano   Oregano - 1 oz
0-Shipping-Fee   Out of State Shipping Fee
OBXGranolaCinnamonPecanLarge   Outer Banks Cinnamon Pecan Granola ~ 16oz bag
OBXGranolaCranberryLarge   Outer Banks Cranberry Granola ~ 16oz bag
OBXGranolaCranberrySmall   Outer Banks Cranberry Granola ~ 2oz bag
OBXGranolaHoneySeaSaltLarge   Outer Banks Honey Sea Salt Granola ~ 16oz bag
OBXGranolaHoneySeaSaltSmall   Outer Banks Honey Sea Salt Granola ~ 2oz bag
CRFMeatSampler   Pasture Raised, Heritage Breed, Grass Fed Meat Sampler
SweetPeaPeaShoots   Pea Shoots Microgreens ~ 2oz compostable cup
FMPeaches   Peaches ~ 1.5 lbs
BigSpoonPeanutButter   Peanut Butter, 10oz
BigSpoonPeanutCashewButter   Peanut Cashew Butter, 10oz
ECOPecansShelled   Pecans, shelled ~ 4oz
CRFPeppersMixed   Peppers, Mix of sweet banana, poblano, & bells ~ 1lb
CRFPeppersHotMixed   Peppers, mixed hot (jalapeno, hungarian hot wax, hot banana, & other types) ~ 6 oz
EdwardsHamCooked2.5lbs   Petite Cooked Country Honey Ham ~ 2.5lbs
CRFPorkFeet   Pig Feet - 2 per pack
FMFieldPeasShelled   Pink Eye Purple Hull Field Peas (shelled) ~ 1pint
CRFPorkBrothStock   Pork Broth Stock ~ (24 oz)
CRFPorkChops   Pork Chops ~ .9lbs, 2 chops
CRFPorkHock   Pork Ham Hock ~ 1.5lbs
CRFPorkOrganHeart   Pork Heart (whole heart) ~ 2 lbs
CRFPorkLardRendered   Pork Lard (rendered) - 1 qt tub
CRFPorkOrganLiver   Pork Liver ~ 1 lb
CRFPorkRoastShoulderPicnic   Pork Picnic Shoulder Roast ~ 3.3 lbs
CRFPorkBonesNeckSoup   Pork Soup (Neck & Back) Bones ~ 3lbs
CaroKettleCreamCheeseChive   Potato Chips, Cream Cheese and Chive Chips ~ 5oz bag
CaroKettleDownEastBBQ   Potato Chips, Down East BBQ ~ 5oz bag
CaroKettleSeaSalt   Potato Chips, Outer Banks Sea Salt ~ 5oz bag
CaroKettleRosemaryGarlic   Potato Chips, Rosemary & Garlic ~ 5oz bag
CaroKettleRusset   Potato Chips, Russet ~ 5oz bag
CaroKettleSaltBalsamic   Potato Chips, Southern Twang Salt and Balsamic ~ 5oz bag
CottlePotatoesRussianBanana   Potatoes, Fingerling Russian Banana Organic ~ 1 lb
CRFPotatoesNew   Potatoes, New Dug, Fresh Skins (red and/or gold) -- 1 lb
ECOPotatoesRedPontiac   Potatoes, Red ~ 1.5 lbs
JoyceChickenPouletCutupHalf   Poulet Rouge Half Chicken Cutup ~ 4 pieces, 2.25 lbs
SunBurstTroutFilletFresh1lb   Rainbow Trout Fish Fillets, 2 fillets ~ 1lb
SunBurstTroutFilletPastrami   Rainbow Trout Pastrami ~ 4oz, sliced
0-Restocking-Fee   Restocking Fee
CRFTomatoRomaMixed   Roma Tomatoes, Heirloom Varieties, Dry-Farmed ~ 1 lb
CRFHerbRosemary   Rosemary - 1 oz
CaroKettleSalsaCantinaStyle   Rustic Roots Cantina Style Salsa ~ 16oz jar
CaroKettleSalsaSmokinGun   Rustic Roots Smokin Gun Style Salsa ~ 16oz jar
CRFHerbSage   Sage - 1 oz
CRFPorkMangaSaugSagePatties   Sage Pork Sausage Patties ~ .8 to .9 lb
NthStrSavoryHandPie   Savory Vegan Hand Pie (bag of 3)
CRFOnionsScallions   Scallions, Baby Green Onions - 1 bunch
NthStrSconeAsiagoCheese   Scones, Asiago Cheese (bag of 3)
NthStrSconeChocWalnut   Scones, Chocolate Walnut (bag of 3)
NthStrSconeMaple   Scones, Maple (bag of 3)
LocalsSeaScallops   Sea Scallops, Dry-pack Frozen ~ 1/2lb pack, 6-8/pack
ECOMushroomsShiitake   Shiitake Mushrooms ~ 3.5 oz
LocalsShrimpLarge   Shrimp, Large, Frozen ~ 1lb pack, 21-30/pack
CRFPorkBaconEnd   Smoked Bacon End Pieces ~1 lb
CRFPorkBaconJowl   Smoked Jowl Bacon, Sliced ~ 1lb
CRFPorkHockSmoked   Smoked Pork Ham Hock ~ 2lbs
SunBurstTroutFilletSmoked   Smoked Trout Fish Fillets ~ 6oz
CRFPorkBaconCuredSmoked   Smoked/Sliced/Cured Bacon ~ 1lb
LocalsSoftshellCrabXlarge   Softshell Crabs, Whale Size, Frozen ~ 1 ea
ECOSorghumMolasses   Sorghum Molasses - 1 pint
FHFPorkSaugSpicyItalianLinks   Spicy Italian Sausage Cased Links ~ 1lb
CRFSquashYellow   Squash, Yellow - 1.5 lbs
CRFSquashZucchiniGreen   Squash, Zucchini ~ 1.5 lbs
CRFBeefStew   Stew Beef ~ 1lb
SunBurstTroutJerkySmoked   Sunburst Trout Jerky (Smoked Fish) ~ 2oz
SweetPeaSunflowerShoots   Sunflower Shoots Microgreens ~ 2oz compostable cup
SweetPeaSuperfoodsMixSprout   Superfoods Mix Microgreens ~ 2oz clamshell
FHFPorkSaugSweetItalianLinks   Sweet Italian Sausage Cased Links ~ 1lb
ECOSweetPotatoesCovington   Sweet Potatoes, Covington ~ 2 lbs
NthStrBreadSweetWheat   Sweet Wheat Bread
CRFHerbTarragon   Tarragon - 1 oz
CRFHerbBasilThai   Thai Basil, Green - 1 oz
JamieFarmHouseChefSigned   The Farmhouse Chef: Recipes and Stories from My Carolina Farm (Cookbook)
RB   The Recommended Box
CRFBeefSteakRibEyeThickCut   Thick Cut Beef RibEye Steak ~ .8 lb (1 steak)
CRFPorkMangaChopsThick   Thick Cut Mangalitsa Pork Chops ~ 1lbs, 2 chops
CRFHerbThyme   Thyme - 1 oz
CRFTomatoCherryMixed   Tomatoes, Cherry, Mixed, Dry Farmed ~ 1 pint
CRFTomatoMixed   Tomatoes, Heirloom, Dry-Farmed, 1.5lb Mix of Medium Colors & Sizes
CRFTomatoLarge   Tomatoes, Heirloom, Dry-Farmed, Large - 1 ea, 1lb+ tomato
CRFTomatoSlicing2   Tomatoes, Heirloom, Dry-Farmed, Mixed Slicing ~ 2ea (~1lb)
FHFBeefTriTipSteak   Tri Tip Steak ~ 2+lbs
LocalsTunaSteakYellowfinFrozen   Tuna Fish Steaks (FROZEN) ~ 11-13 oz pack (2 servings)
EdwardsHamSlicedUncooked12oz   Virginia Country Ham Slices ~ 12oz (uncooked)
SweetPeaWheatGrass2oz   Wheatgrass Microgreens ~ 2oz bag
SweetPeaWheatGrass8oz   Wheatgrass Microgreens ~ Large 8oz bag
CRFOnionsWhiteUncured   White Onions, New Crop Uncured ~ 1 bunch
JoyceChickenWholeNaked3.5   Whole "Naked Bird" Chicken, 3 to 3.5 lbs
JoyceDuck5.0   Whole Duck with Giblets, 5 to 5.5 lbs
JoyceChickenPouletrRouge3.0   Whole POULET ROUGE Chicken, 3.5 to 4.0 lbs
WildSalCoSalmonFilletSockeye   Whole Sockeye Salmon Fillet ~ 1.2 to 1.4 lbs
LocalsTilefishFilletFrozen   Wild Caught Blueline Tilefish Fish Fillet )frozen) ~ 11 to 13 oz
LocalsSnowyGrouperFilletFrozen   Wild Caught Snowy Grouper Fish Fillet (FROZEN) ~ 11-13 oz (2 servings)
LocalsStripedBassFilletFrozen   Wild Caught Striped Sea Bass Fish Fillet (FROZEN - skin on) ~ 11-13 oz pack (2 servings)

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