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CoonRockBrothStockBeef   100% Grass Fed Beef Broth Stock (24 oz)
CoonRockHotDogs   All-Beef Hot Dogs in Sheep Casings ~ 1 lb package
AnsonBenneSeed   Anson Mills Antebellum Benne Seed ~ 12oz bag
AnsonCornmealFineYellow   Anson Mills Antebellum Fine Sweet Yellow Cornmeal ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFlourBuckwheatFlourFineGF   Anson Mills Artisan Fine New Crop Buckwheat Flour ~ 12oz bag
AnsonRiceCarolinaGold   Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFlourCarolinaGoldRice   Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice Flour ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsCarolinaGold   Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFarroAntica   Anson Mills Farro, Antica (Medio) ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFlourBreadWhiteFrench   Anson Mills French Mediterranean White Bread Flour ~ 12oz bag
AnsonPeasPurpleEyeStock   Anson Mills Heirloom Purple Eye Stock Peas ~ 12oz bag
AnsonRiceJeffersonRed   Anson Mills Jefferson Red Rice ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsWhiteWholeHominy   Anson Mills Medium White Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsYellowMedium   Anson Mills Medium Yellow Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsBlueNativeFine   Anson Mills Native Fine Whole Grist Blue Corn Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonPeasSeaIslandPetitRouge   Anson Mills Petit Rouge Rice Peas ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsRosebank   Anson Mills Rosebank Native Mixed (yellow and white) Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonPeasSeaIslandRed   Anson Mills Sea Island Red Peas ~ 12oz bag
AnsonPeasWhiteRice   Anson Mills White Rice Peas ~ 12oz bag
AnsonOatsToastedStoneCut18th   Anson18th Century–Style Stone Cut Toasted Oatmeal ~ 12oz bag
NthStrTrailBar   Appalachian Trail Bar (bag of 3)
FMAppleGala   Apples, Gala ~ 1.5lbs
CoonRockArugula   Arugula, Baby ~ 6oz
AsheCtyCheddarMountainSharp5YR   Ashe County Cheese, 5 Year Old Mountain Super Sharp Cheddar ~ 12oz
AsheCtyCheddarMountainSharp   Ashe County Cheese, Mountain Sharp Cheddar ~ 12oz
AsheCtyPepperJack   Ashe County Cheese, Pepper Jack ~ 12oz
CoonRockBokChoy   Baby Bok Choy, Green ~ 10 oz
CoonRockBokChoyRed   Baby Bok Choy, Red - 10oz
LocalsCrabBackFin   Backfin Crab Meat ~ 1lb, FROZEN
BagelBarBombBaconScallion   Bagel Bomb, Bacon Scallion Cream Cheese (4 per pack)
BagelBarBombPeanutButter   Bagel Bomb, Peanut Butter (4 per pack)
BagelBarBombPimentoCheese   Bagel Bomb, Pimento Cheese (4 per pack)
BagelBarBombPlain   Bagel Bomb, Plain Cream Cheese (4 per pack)
BagelBarBombRaisinWalnut   Bagel Bomb, Raisin Walnut Cream Cheese (4 per pack)
BagelBarBombSalsaJalepeno   Bagel Bomb, Salso Jalepeno Cream Cheese (4 per pack)
BagelBarBagelBlackRussian   Bagel, Black Russian (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelCinnRaisin   Bagel, Cinnamon Raisin (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelEverything   Bagel, Everything (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelGarlic   Bagel, Garlic (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelHoneyWheat   Bagel, Honey Wheat (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelOnion   Bagel, Onion (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelPlain   Bagel, plain (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelPoppy   Bagel, Poppy Seed (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelPumpernickel   Bagel, Pumpernickel (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelRosemaryBlackOliv   Bagel, Rosemary Black Olive (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelSalt   Bagel, Salt (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelSesame   Bagel, Sesame (3 per pack)
BagelBarBagelSundriedTomato   Bagel, Sundried Tomato (3 per pack)
NthStrBearClaw   Bear Claw (Bag of 3)
CoonRockBeefBackRibs   Beef Back Ribs ~ 2 lbs
CoonRockBeefBrisket   Beef Brisket ~ 1.2 to 1.5bs
CoonRockBeefEyeofRound   Beef Eye of Round Roast ~ 1.5lbs
CoonRockBeefHeart   Beef Heart (whole heart) ~ 3 lbs
CoonRockBeefKnuckleBones   Beef Knuckle Bones ~ 4 lbs
CoonRockBeefMarrowBones   Beef Marrow Bones ~ 1 lbs
CoonRockBeefOsso   Beef Osso Bucco ~ 1.5 lbs
CoonRockBeefOxTailSliced   Beef OxTail ~ 1.2 lbs
CoonRockBeefRibEyeSteak   Beef RibEye Steak ~ .4lbs
CoonRockBeefShortRibs   Beef Short Ribs ~ 2.0 pounds, FROZEN
CoonRockBeefSirloinSteak   Beef Sirloin Steak (bone-in) ~ 1.2 pounds
CoonRockBeefSoupBones   Beef Soup Bones ~ 3 to 4 lbs
CoonRockChuckRoast1   Beef, Chuck Roast ~ 2.5 lbs
CoonRockChuckRoast2   Beef, Chuck Roast ~ 3.0 lbs
CoonRockBeefRumpRoast   Beef, Rump Roast ~ 2.5 lbs
CoonRockBeefPotRoast   Beef, Shoulder (Pot) Roast ~ 2.5lbs
CoonRockBeefSirloinTip   Beef, Sirloin Tip Roast ~ 2lbs
ECOBeetsNoTops   Beets, Red (no tops) ~ 1.5 lbs
BBGft   Bella Bean Gift Certificate
BBBigGiftBox   Bella Bean's BIG Gift Box
BBPBJGift   Bella Bean's PBJ Gift Box
CoonRockTamworthBacon   Berkshire German Speck Style Bacon ~ 1lb
CoonRockBerkshireBulkItalian   Berkshire Sweet Italian Bulk Sausage ~ 1 lb
CoonRockBerkshireSweetItalian   Berkshire Sweet Italian Sausage Cased Links ~ 3 Links ~ .6lbs
NthStrBiscottiChunkChoc   Biscotti, Chunky Chocolate, 9 oz bag
NthStrBiscottiHazelnut   Biscotti, Hazelnut - 9 oz bag
NthStrBiscottiMochaAlmond   Biscotti, Mocha Almond, 9oz bag
NthStrBiscottiOrangeAlmond   Biscotti, Orange Almond, 9oz bag
GreenRiverPicklesBeets   Blue Ridge Beets Pickles, 16 oz glass jar
BBFSoySauce   Bluegrass Soy Sauce ~ 100ml
EdwardsHamUncooked15lbs   Bone-In Virginia Country Ham ~ 15lbs (uncooked)
BreadShopBoules   Boules (small, whole, 5 oz)
BBFKentuckyakiSauce   Bourbon Barrel Kentuckyaki (teriyaki) Sauce ~ 375ml
CoonRockBratwurstSausage   Bratwurst Sausage Cased Links ~ 1lb
CoonRockBreakfastSausage   Breakfast Link Sausage Country ~ 1lb
CoonRockBreakfastSausageMaple   Breakfast Link Sausage Maple ~ 1lb
SweetPeaBroccoliSprout   Broccoli Sprout Microgreens ~ 2oz clamshell
NthStrBrownie   Brownies, Chocolate (Bag of 3 Brownies)
NthStrBrownieChocChip   Brownies, Chocolate Chip (Bag of 3 Brownies)
NthStrBrownieNuts   Brownies, Chocolate with Nuts (Bag of 3 Brownies)
NthStrBrownieCoconut   Brownies, Coconut (Bag of 3 Brownies)
BullsBaySaltMargaritaSalt   Bulls Bay Carolina Margarita Salt ~ 3oz tin
BullsBaySaltFlakeSeaSaltSmoked   Bulls Bay Smoked Carolina Flake Sea Salt ~ 4oz glass jar
BullsBaySaltSmokedSeaSalt   Bulls Bay Smoked Sea Salt ~ 3oz grinder
BreadShopBunsHamburger   Buns, Hamburger (1/2 dozen)
BreadShopBunsHotDogs   Buns, HotDog (1/2 dozen)
NthStrBreadCroissant   Butter Croissants - Original Size (bag of 3)
NthStrBreadCroissantLg   Butter Croissants ~ Large Size (bag of 3)
JamieCanningSigned   Canning in the Modern Kitchen
SolioCanolaOil32   Canola Oil, Southern Grown, Non GMO ~ 32oz
JoyceChickenBreastSkinlessBone   Chicken Breasts, Boneless, Skinless ~ 2 7oz Fillets
CoonRockChickenFeet   Chicken Feet ~ 4 lb bag
CoonRockChickenHearts   Chicken Hearts - 1 lb pack
CoonRockChickenLiver   Chicken Livers - 1 lb pack
CoonRockChickenNecks   Chicken Necks ~ 4 lb bag
JoyceChickenBreastTenderloin   Chicken Tenders (tenderloins) ~ 1lb
JoyceChickenThighsBnlsNaked   Chicken Thighs - Boneless/Skinless ~ 1lb
JoyceChickenThighsBonein   Chicken Thighs, Bonein ~ 1 lb
JoyceChickenGroundNaked   Chicken, Ground ~ 1lb pack
JoyceChickenSausageChipotle   Chicken, Sausage Links, Chipotle ~ 1lb pack
JoyceChickenSausageItalian   Chicken, Sausage Links, Mild Italian ~ 1lb pack
JoyceChickenSausageSundriedTom   Chicken, Sausage Links, Sundried Tomato & Basil ~ 1lb pack
CoonRockChickenWhole3.5lbs   Chicken, Whole ~ 3.5lbs
CoonRockChickenWhole4.5lbs   Chicken, Whole ~ 4.5lb
CoonRockChives   Chives - 1 oz
CoonRockChorizoSausageBu   Chorizo Sausage Bulk ~ 1 lb
CoonRockChorizoSausageCa   Chorizo Sausage Cased Links ~ 1 lb
SweetPeaCilantroSprout   Cilantro Sprout Microgreens ~ .75oz clamshell
NthStrCinnamonBun   Cinnamon Bun, (Bag of 3 Cinnamon Buns)
NthStrBreadCinnamonRaisin   Cinnamon Raisin Bread
cloisterhoneybourbon   Cloister Bourbon Infused Honey - 12oz jar
CloisterHoneyGhostPepper   Cloister Ghost Pepper Whipped Honey - 9oz jar
CloisterSaltedHoney   Cloister Salted Honey - 9oz jar
CloisterSeededHoneySpread   Cloister Seeded Honey Gourmet Spread - 9oz jar
CoonRockCollards   Collards - 1 bunch
NthStrCocoBananaChocChip   Cookie, Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip (bag of 3)
NthStrCookiePeanutButterChoc   Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (bag of 3 cookies)
NthStrCookieChocolateChip   Cookies, Chocolate Chip (bag of 3 cookies)
NthStrCookieCinnamonSugar   Cookies, Cinnamon Sugar (bag of 3 cookies)
NthStrCookieCoconutMacaroon   Cookies, Coconut Macaroon(bag of 3)
NthStrCookieDblChocNut   Cookies, Double Chocolate Walnut (bag of 3 cookies)
NthStrCookieGingersnap   Cookies, Gingersnaps ~ 1 lb. bag
NthStrCookieItalianSprinkle   Cookies, Italian Butter Sprinkle ~ 1 lb
NthStrCookieOatmealRaisin   Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin (bag of 3 cookies)
NthStrCookieWheelSteel   Cookies, Wheel of Steel (bag of 3 cookies)
AccBakCrackerSeaSalt   Crackers, Sea Salt, 5.5oz
BagelBarCCBaconScallion   Cream Cheese, Bacon Scallion (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCHerbGarlic   Cream Cheese, Herb & Garlic (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCNova   Cream Cheese, Nova (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCOlivePimento   Cream Cheese, Olive Pimento (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCPlain   Cream Cheese, Plain (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCPlainLight   Cream Cheese, Plain Light (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCRaisinWalnut   Cream Cheese, Raisin Walnut (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCSalsaJalapeno   Cream Cheese, Salsa Jalapeño (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCStrawberry   Cream Cheese, Strawberry (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCVeggie   Cream Cheese, Veggie (1/2 lb pack)
1-CRF-Fee   CRF Fee
NthStrAlmondCroissant   Croissants, Almond (bag of 3)
NthStrChocCroissant   Croissants, Chocolate (bag of 3)
NthStrHamCheeseCroissant   Croissants, Ham & Cheese (bag of 3)
CrudeBittersBigBear   Crude Small-Batch Bitters, Big Bear (Coffee and Cocoa) - 4 oz
FMCucumbers   Cucumbers, slicing, 2 count
NthStrDanishBlueberCrmChs   Danish, Blueberry Cream Cheese (Bag of 3)
NthStrDanishCreamCheese   Danish, Cream Cheese (Bag of 3)
EcoGoatLadyChevreDill   Dill Goat Lady Chevre Cheese ~ 5oz
BreadShopDinnerRolls   Dinner Rolls (1 dozen)
NthStrDoggieBiscotti   Doggie Biscotti ~ 1 lb. bag
CoonRockChickenLegs   Drumsticks (Legs), Label Rouge Chicken, 4/pack ~ 1 lb
BeeBlessedEggsJumbo   Eggs - 1 dozen, Jumbo White or Brown Eggs with many Double Yolks
CoonRockFarmEggs   Eggs - 1 dozen, Medium/Large
BigSpoonExpressNutButter   Espresso Nut Butter, 10oz
GeorgiaOliveFarmsOliveOil   Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Georgia Grown ~ 16.9oz glass bottle
CoonRockFatBack   Fat Back (side meat) - 1 lb
RecipeFeaturedRecipeCard   Featured Recipe Card (FREE)
ECOGoatLadyFromageFigHoney   Fig & Honey Goat Lady Spreadable Fromage Cheese ~ 5oz
CoonRockBeefSteakFiletMignon   Filet Mignon (Tenderloin) Steak ~ .6 lbs (2 steaks per order)
LocalsBestCatch   Fish, Best Catch ~ 1lb pack of fillets or steaks
CoonRockBeefFlankSteak   Flank Steak ~ 1 lbs
CoonRockBeefFlatIronSteak   FlatIron Steak ~ .8 lb
BreadShopFocaccia   Focaccia (small)
FrontierBakingPowder   Frontier Baking Powder (no aluminum added) MADE WITH 71% CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, 1oz bag
FrontierBasilCutSifted   Frontier Basil, Cut and Sifted, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierChilePepperPowderBlend   Frontier Chile Pepper Powder Seasoning Blend, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierCinnamonPowder   Frontier Cinnamon Ground Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierCumminSeedPowder   Frontier Cummin Seed Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierCurryPowderBlend   Frontier Curry Powder Seasoning Blend, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierDillCutSifted   Frontier Dill Weed, Cut and Sifted, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierFajitaBlend   Frontier Fajita Seasoning Blend, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierGingerRootPowder   Frontier Ginger Root Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierGrillingRubBeefPork   Frontier Grilling Rub for Beef and Pork, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierGrillingRubPoultry   Frontier Grilling Rub for Poultry, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierItalianSeasoningBlend   Frontier Italian Seasoning Blend, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierMustardPowder   Frontier Mustard Ground Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierOreganoLeaf   Frontier Oregano Leaf Cut & Sifted, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierPepperCoarseGrind   Frontier Pepper, Black Coarse Grind, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierRosemaryWhole   Frontier Rosemary, Whole Leaf, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierSageLeafRubbed   Frontier Sage Leaf Rubbed, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierThymeWhole   Frontier Thyme, Whole Leaf, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
ECOGarlic   Garlic, German Stiffneck - 2 bulbs
CoonRockGinger   Ginger, Fresh - 1 bulb with stalk, approx 0.25 lbs
ImagineThatClassicWhiteBread   Gluten-Free Bread Loaf, Classic White
ImagineThatCountry-Sunflower   Gluten-Free Bread Loaf, Country Sunflower
ImagineThatHeartyGrainBread   Gluten-Free Bread Loaf, Hearty Grain
ImagineThatAppleCinnStruMuff   Gluten-Free Muffins, Apple Cinnamon Streusel, 4 pack
ImagineThatBlueberryCornMuff   Gluten-Free Muffins, Blueberry, 4 pack
ImagineThatRaspLemonZestMuff   Gluten-Free Muffins, Raspberry Lemon Zest, 4 pack
ImagineThatPizzaCrust   Gluten-Free Pizza Crust, 10 in (pack of 2)
CoonRockGoatDoubleChops   Goat Bone-in Loin Chops ~ .4lbs
CoonRockGoatShoulderChops   Goat Bone-in Shoulder Chops ~ 2 chops ~ .45lbs
ECOGoatLadyFromagePlain   Goat Lady Chevre Cheese (plain) ~ 5oz
ECOGoatLadyChevrePlain   Goat Lady Chevre Cheese Log (plain) ~ 8oz

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