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BigSpoonMissionAlmondButter   Almond Butter, 10oz
CottlePotatoesAmarosaFingerlin   Amarosa Purple Fingerling Potatoes, ~ 1 lb
AnsonFlourAncientEmmerSemolina   Anson Mills Ancient Emmer Semolina Flour ~ 12oz bag
AnsonBenneSeed   Anson Mills Antebellum Benne Seed ~ 12oz bag
AnsonRiceCarolinaGold   Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFlourCarolinaGoldRice   Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice Flour ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFlourWholewheatColonial   Anson Mills Colonial-Style 100% Whole Wheat Flour ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFlourEinkornFine   Anson Mills Einkorn Wheat Flour ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFarroAntica   Anson Mills Farro, Antica (Medio) ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFlourBreadWhiteFrench   Anson Mills French Mediterranean White Bread Flour ~ 12oz bag
AnsonFlourRiceOatBenneGF   Anson Mills Gluten Free Flour, with Heirloom Rice, Oat & Benne ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsWhiteMedium   Anson Mills Medium White Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsYellowMedium   Anson Mills Medium Yellow Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsBlueNativeFine   Anson Mills Native Fine Whole Grist Blue Corn Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsPencilCob   Anson Mills Pencil Cob Yellow Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonPeasSeaIslandPetitRouge   Anson Mills Petit Rouge Rice Peas ~ 12oz bag
AnsonGritsRosebank   Anson Mills Rosebank Native Mixed (yellow and white) Grits ~ 12oz bag
AnsonPeasSeaIslandRed   Anson Mills Sea Island Red Peas ~ 12oz bag
AnsonPeasWhiteRice   Anson Mills White Rice Peas ~ 12oz bag
AnsonOatsToastedStoneCut18th   Anson18th Century–Style Stone Cut Toasted Oatmeal ~ 12oz bag
ECOAsheCtyCheddarMtnSharp5YR   Ashe County Cheese, 5 Year Old Mountain Super Sharp Cheddar ~ 8 oz
ECOAsheCtyButter1lbRoll   Ashe County Cheese, Butter ~ 1lb roll
ECOAsheCtyGouda   Ashe County Cheese, Gouda ~ 8 oz
ECOAsheCtyCheddarMountainSharp   Ashe County Cheese, Mountain Sharp Cheddar ~ 8 oz
ECOAsheCtyPepperJack   Ashe County Cheese, Pepper Jack ~ 8 oz
ECOAsheCtyHoopCheese   Ashe County Hoop Cheese ~ 8 oz
EcoMushroomBabyPortabella   Baby Bella Mushrooms ~ 8 oz
LocalsCrabBackFin   Backfin Crab Meat ~ 1lb, FROZEN
CRFHerbBasil   Basil, Green - 1 bunch
NthStrBearClaw   Bear Claw (Bag of 3)
CRFBeefRibsBack   Beef Back Ribs ~ 3 lbs
CRFBeefRoastBrisket   Beef Brisket ~ 2.75 lbs
CRFBeefOrganHeart   Beef Heart (whole heart) ~ 3 lbs
CRFBeefBonesKnuckle   Beef Knuckle Bones ~ 4 lbs
CRFBeefBonesMarrow   Beef Marrow Bones ~ 1 lbs
CRFBeefOssoBucco   Beef Osso Bucco ~ 2.3 lbs
CRFBeefOxTailSliced   Beef OxTail ~ 1 lb
CRFBeefRibsShort   Beef Short Ribs ~ 1.5 lbs
CRFBeefBonesSoup   Beef Soup Bones ~ 4 to 5 lbs
CRFBeefOrganTongue   Beef Tongue (whole) ~ 3 lbs
CRFBeefRoastRound   Beef, Bottom Round Roast ~ 2.5 lbs
CRFBeefRoastChuck2.5lbs   Beef, Chuck Roast ~ 2.5 lbs
CRFBeefRoastChuck3.5   Beef, Chuck Roast ~ 3.5 lbs
CRFBeefRoastRump   Beef, Rump Roast ~ 2.5 lbs
CRFBeefRoastShoulderPot   Beef, Shoulder (Pot) Roast ~ 3lbs
CRFBeefRoastSirloinTip   Beef, Sirloin Tip Roast ~ 2.2lbs
CRFBeefRoastRoundTop   Beef, Top Round Roast ~ 3 lbs
ECOBeetsNoTops   Beets, Red (no tops) ~ 1.5 lbs
BBGft   Bella Bean Gift Certificate
NthStrBiscottiChunkChoc   Biscotti, Chunky Chocolate, 9 oz bag
NthStrBiscottiHazelnut   Biscotti, Hazelnut - 9 oz bag
NthStrBiscottiMochaAlmond   Biscotti, Mocha Almond, 9oz bag
NthStrBiscottiOrangeAlmond   Biscotti, Orange Almond, 9oz bag
ECOBlackberries   Blackberries - 6oz clamshell
FMBlueberries   Blueberries - 1 pint
BBFSoySauce   Bluegrass Soy Sauce ~ 100ml
BBFMapleSyrup   Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup ~ 8oz jar
BBFSorghumSyrup   Bourbon Barrel Aged Pur Cane Sorghum Syrup ~ 8oz jar
BBFBarbequeSauce   Bourbon Barrel Barbeque Sauce ~ 12oz
BBFKentuckyakiSauce   Bourbon Barrel Kentuckyaki (teriyaki) Sauce ~ 375ml
BBFVanillaExtract   Bourbon Barrel Madagascar Vanilla Extract ~ 100ml
BBFSmokedPaprika   Bourbon Barrel Smoked Paprika ~ 2.5oz tin
BBFWorcestershireSauce   Bourbon Barrel Worcestershire Sauce ~ 100ml
BBFPonzuSauce   Bourbon Ponzu Sauce ~ 100ml
FHFPorkSaugBratwurstLinks   Bratwurst Sausage Cased Links ~ 1lb
CRFPorkSaugBreakfastLinks   Breakfast Link Sausage Country ~ 1lb
CRFPorkSaugBreakfastMapleLinks   Breakfast Link Sausage Maple ~ 1lb
SweetPeaBroccoliSprout   Broccoli Sprout Microgreens ~ 2oz clamshell
NthStrBrownie   Brownies, Chocolate (bag of 3)
NthStrBrownieChocChip   Brownies, Chocolate Chip (bag of 3)
NthStrBrownieNuts   Brownies, Chocolate with Nuts (bag of 3)
NthStrBrownieCoconut   Brownies, Coconut (bag of 3)
NthStrBreadCroissantLg   Butter Croissants ~ Large Size (bag of 3)
CaroKettlePopcornButter   Butter Popcorn ~ 5.5oz bag
ECOCabbageGreen   Cabbage, Green - 1 medium head
ECOCabbageRed   Cabbage, Red - 1 medium head
FHFPorkBaconCanadian   Canadian Bacon ~ .5 lbs
JamieCanningSigned   Canning in the Modern Kitchen
CHCCalvander   Chapel Hill Creamery: Calvander Asiago Style Cheese ~ 1/2 lb
CHCCarolinaMoon   Chapel Hill Creamery: Carolina Moon Camembert Style Cheese ~ .55 lbs
CHCHickoryGrove   Chapel Hill Creamery: Hickory Grove Natural Rind Hard Cheese ~ 1/2 lb
CaroKettlePopcornCheddar   Cheddar Popcorn ~ 6 oz bag
JoyceChickenBreastSkinlessBone   Chicken Breasts, Boneless, Skinless ~ 2 7oz Fillets
CRFChickFeet   Chicken Feet ~ 4 lb bag
CRFChickGizzards   Chicken Gizzards ~ 2 lb bag
JoyceChickenDrumsticksBonein   Chicken Leg Drum Sticks, Bonein ~ 1 lb
CRFChickLiver   Chicken Livers - 1 lb pack
CRFChickNecks   Chicken Necks ~ 4 lb bag
JoyceChickenBreastTenderloin   Chicken Tenders (tenderloins) ~ 1lb
JoyceChickenThighsBnlsNaked   Chicken Thighs - Boneless/Skinless ~ 1lb
JoyceChickenThighsBonein   Chicken Thighs, Bonein ~ 1 lb
JoyceChickenGroundNaked   Chicken, Ground ~ 1lb pack
JoyceChickenSausageChipotle   Chicken, Sausage Links, Chipotle ~ 1lb pack
JoyceChickenSausageItalian   Chicken, Sausage Links, Mild Italian ~ 1lb pack
JoyceChickenSausageSpinach   Chicken, Sausage Links, Spinach & Feta ~ 1lb pack
JoyceChickenSausageSundriedTom   Chicken, Sausage Links, Sundried Tomato & Basil ~ 1lb pack
CRFChickWhole4.0lbs   Chicken, Whole ~ 4.5lbs
CRFChickWhole5.5bs   Chicken, Whole ~ 5.5lbs
NthStrShortbreadChocolate   Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies ~ 1 lb
NthStrBreadCiabattaSmall   Ciabatta ~ 12", 1.4lbs
NthStrBreadCiabattaRoll   Ciabatta Sandwich Roll ~ 5" square, 6oz (bag of 3)
SweetPeaCilantroSprout   Cilantro Sprout Microgreens ~ .75oz clamshell
NthStrCinnamonBun   Cinnamon Bun, (bag of 3)
NthStrCocoBananaChocChip   Cookie, Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip (bag of 3)
NthStrCookiePeanutButterChoc   Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (bag of 3)
NthStrCookieChocolateChip   Cookies, Chocolate Chip (bag of 3)
NthStrCookieGingersnap   Cookies, Gingersnaps ~ 1 lb. bag
NthStrCookieOatmealRaisin   Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin (bag of 3)
NthStrCookieWheelSteel   Cookies, Wheel of Steel (bag of 3)
CottleCornSweetWhite   Corn, Sweet White or Bicolor ~ 4 ears
FHFPorkSaugBreakfastBulk   Country Breakfast Bulk Sausage ~ 1lb
LocalsCrabCake   Crab Cake, Handmade & Fresh Frozen ~ 1ea, 4oz
AccBakCrackerSeaSalt   Crackers, Sea Salt, 5.5oz
1-CRF-Fee   CRF Fee
NthStrAlmondCroissant   Croissants, Almond (bag of 3)
NthStrChocCroissant   Croissants, Chocolate (bag of 3)
NthStrHamCheeseCroissant   Croissants, Ham & Cheese (bag of 3)
CRFCucumberPickling1lb   Cucumbers, Pickling ~ 1lb
CRFCucumberPickling5lbs   Cucumbers, Pickling Bulk ~ 5 lbs
ECOCucumbers   Cucumbers, Slicing - 2 count
NthStrDanishBlueberCrmChs   Danish, Blueberry Cream Cheese (bag of 3)
NthStrDanishCreamCheese   Danish, Cream Cheese (bag of 3)
ECOEggplant   Eggplant, Globe - 1 medium
BeeBlessedEggsJumbo   Eggs - 1 dozen, Jumbo White or Brown Eggs with many Double Yolks - local delivery only
CRFBeefRoastEyeofRound   Eye of Round Roast ~ 2.5lbs
CRFPorkFatBack   Fat Back (side meat) - 1 lb
RecipeFeaturedRecipeCard   Featured Recipe Card (FREE to PRINT)
CRFBeefSteakFiletMignon   Filet Mignon (Tenderloin) Steak ~ .5 lbs
FHFBeefSteakFiletMignon   Filet Mignon (Tenderloin) Steak ~ .5 lbs
LocalsVermSnapperFilletFrozen   Fish Wild Caught Vermillion Snapper Fillet (FROZEN) ~ 11 - 13oz
LocalsFlounderFilletFrozen   Flounder Fish Fillets (FROZEN - skin-on) ~ 11-13 oz pack (2 servings)
EcoFarmChestnuts   Fresh Chestnuts ~ 1 lbs
LocalsSwordfishSteakFrozen   FRESH Fish Swordfish, Wild Caught ~ 11 - 13oz
LocalsBestCatch   FRESH Fish, Best Catch ~ 1lb pack of fillets or steaks
CRFGarlicBulbs   Fresh Hardneck Garlic Bulbs, New Crop, 2 bulbs
JPPastryBiscuitCheese   Gluten-Free Cheese Biscuit ~ 4 / pack
JPPastryCookieChocChip   Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie ~ 1 each
JPPastryCupcakeChoc   Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcake, 1 each
JPPastryCookieCranOatmeal   Gluten-Free Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie ~ 1 each
JPPastryBunsHamburger   Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns ~ 4 pack
JPPastryHawaiianRolls   Gluten-Free Hawaiian Rolls ~ 9 rolls/package
JPPastryBreadLoaf   Gluten-Free Loaf Bread (unsliced) ~ 1 each
JPPastryCupcakeVanilla   Gluten-Free Vanilla Cupcake, 1 each
CRFGoatChopsDouble   Goat Bone-in Loin Chops ~ .4lbs
ECOGoatLadyChevrePlain   Goat Lady Chevre Cheese Log (plain) ~ 5oz
ECOGoatLadySnowCamp   Goat Lady Snow Camp Cheese ~ 4oz
CRFGoatSoupBones   Goat Soup Bones ~ 2lb bag
ECOPotatoesYukon   Gold Potatoes ~ 1.5 lbs
CRFBeefOrganKidney   Grass Fed Beef Kidney ~ 1 lbs
CRFBeefOrganLiver   Grass Fed Beef Liver ~ 1 lbs
CRFTomatoGreen2   Green Tomatoes, Heirloom, Dry-Farmed ~ 2ea (~1lb)
CRFBeefGround   Ground Beef, Hamburger ~ 1 lb
CRFLambGround   Ground Lamb ~ 1 lb
ECOHoneyPint   Honey, Natural, Raw, Unfiltered - 1 pint (22oz)
CRFLambSaugHotSage   Hot Italian Lamb Sausage, 4 links ~ 1 pound
BBFImperialSoySauce   Imperial Double Fermented Soy Sauce ~ 100ml
JackRudyBittersAromatic   Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters ~ 2oz glass jar
JackRudyCherries   Jack Rudy Bourbon Cocktail Cherries ~ 16oz glass jar
JackRudyTonicElderflower   Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic ~ 17oz glass jar
JackRudyTonic   Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic ~ 17oz glass jar
JackRudyOlives   Jack Rudy Vermouth Cocktail Olives ~ 16oz glass jar
ECOFiddleHeadStrawberyJam   Jam, Roasted Strawberry - 8oz
JamieFarmHouseCookingSigned   Jamie's Cookbooks: The Farmhouse Chef: Recipes and Stories from My Carolina Farm & Canning in the Modern Kitchen
ECOKaleGreen   Kale, Green, Siberian - 1 bunch
LafarmBreadAppleChallah   La Farm Apple Strudel Challah Bread
LafarmBreadAsiagoParmesan   La Farm Asiago Parmesan Bread
LafarmBreadBanana   La Farm Banana Bread
LafarmBreadChallahRolls4pack   La Farm Challah Rolls - 4pack
LafarmBreadCiabatta   La Farm Ciabatta Bread Loaf
LafarmBreadCinnamonPullApart   La Farm Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread
LafarmCroissant   La Farm Croissant, 1 per serving
LafarmBreadPizzaCrust4pack   La Farm Einkorn Pizza Crust - 4 pack
LafarmBreadFocaccia4pk   La Farm Focaccia Bread - 4pk
LafarmBreadHoneyWholeWheat   La Farm Honey Whole Wheat Bread
LafarmBreadMelangeBoule   La Farm Melange Boule - 1 loaf
LafarmBreadMultiGrain1lb   La Farm MultiGrain Bread ~ 1lb loaf
LafarmPainAuChocolat   La Farm Pain Au Chocolat Croissant, 1 per serving
LafarmBreadPaindeMieSliced   La Farm Pain de Mie Bread (sliced)
LafarmBreadPiedmontWholeWheat   La Farm Piedmont Whole Wheat Bread ~ Whole Loaf
LafarmBreadItalian   La Farm Rustic Italian Bread ~ 1lb loaf
LafarmSconesBlueRasp   La Farm Scones, Blueberry & Raspberry, 1 per serving
LafarmSconesChocWhiteCinn   La Farm Scones, Cinnamon & White Chocolate, 1 per serving
LafarmSconesChocWhiteDark   La Farm Scones, White & Dark Chocolate, 1 per serving
LafarmBreadSignature   La Farm Signature Sour Dough Bread Boule ~ 1/4 loaf
LafarmSubRolls4pack   La Farm Sub Rolls - 6 in (4pack)
LafarmBreadBaguetteMiniWhChoc   La Farm White Chocolate Mini-Baguette, 1 per order
LafarmBreadYeastRolls   La Farm Yeast Rolls (tin of 9)
CRFLambOrganLiver   Lamb Liver ~ 1 lb
CRFLambNeckSlice   Lamb Neck Slices - 2 slices ~ 1lb
FHFLambChopsRib   Lamb Rib Chops ~ .6 lbs
CRFLambOrganTesticles   Lamb Rocky Mountain Oysters (testicles) ~ 1 lb
CRFLambShank   Lamb Shank - 2 shanks ~ 1.4 lb
CRFLambRibsSpare   Lamb SpareRibs - 2 lbs
CRFLambOrganTongue   Lamb Tongue ~ 1 lb
CRFLambSoupBones   Lamb/Mutton Soup Bones ~ 3lb to 4lb bag
CRFPorkLardLeafUnrendered   Leaf Lard (unrendered) ~ 1lb
CRFHerbLemonBalm   Lemon Balm - 1 oz
CRFHerbLemongrass   Lemongrass - 1 bunch
OrganicLemon   Lemons - 1lb, 3 to 4 ea
ECOLettuceButterhead   Lettuce, Butterhead - 1 head

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