Bella Bean Organics Farm to School PTA Fundraising Initiative
Local Farmers Giving Back To Local Schools

Save time, shop local, and support schools all in one shopping trip!

Bella Bean Organics, the area's leading online farmer's market and only all organic food home delivery service wants to partner with you to provide safe, healthy organic food to families and to provide increased funding for our schools.

Bella Bean Organics delivers locally grown organic vegetables, fruits, and meats, as well as locally and organically made breads, pastas, sauces, snacks and more. Bella Bean is the queen of organic food delivery, saving you a trip to the grocery store and bringing the best, local, organic nutrition right to your door. No other grocery delivery service offers a completely organic selection of food items, and we are proud of this distinction!

Bella Bean Organics PTA fundraising program separates us from the pack even more. Now, when your school signs up for our Farm to School PTA program, ten percent of parent purchases will go directly back to your school's PTA program! Want to get your school involved? Ask your PTA board members to contact us via email at We will give your school a special code to use for parents interested in signing up for our service.

If your school is already signed up, SUPER! You are well on your way to eating healthy, saving time, and raising money for your school's PTA program. What you need to do is, sign up for our service here and include your school's code in the "Special Delivery Instructions" box. Be sure to check out how our service works for any questions you may have!

Feel good knowing your local food purchase supports your school, your local economy, and your local farms, too!