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BagelBarCCNova   Cream Cheese, Nova (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCOlivePimento   Cream Cheese, Olive Pimento (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCPlain   Cream Cheese, Plain (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCPlainLight   Cream Cheese, Plain Light (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCRaisinWalnut   Cream Cheese, Raisin Walnut (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCSalsaJalapeno   Cream Cheese, Salsa Jalapeño (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCStrawberry   Cream Cheese, Strawberry (1/2 lb pack)
BagelBarCCVeggie   Cream Cheese, Veggie (1/2 lb pack)
1-CRF-Fee   CRF Fee
NthStrAlmondCroissant   Croissants, Almond (bag of 3)
NthStrChocCroissant   Croissants, Chocolate (bag of 3)
NthStrHamCheeseCroissant   Croissants, Ham & Cheese (bag of 3)
CrudeBittersBigBear   Crude Small-Batch Bitters, Big Bear (Coffee and Cocoa) - 4 oz
CrudeBittersBitterlessMarriage   Crude Small-Batch Bitters, Bitterless Marriage (Hibiscus, Lavendar, and Oak) - 4 oz
OrganicCucumbers   Cucumbers, Organic ~ 2 ea
NthStrDanishBlueberCrmChs   Danish, Blueberry Cream Cheese (Bag of 3)
NthStrDanishCreamCheese   Danish, Cream Cheese (Bag of 3)
RedMtnSoapGiftBasketDeluxe   Deluxe Soap Gift Basket from Red Mountain Goodness
BreadShopDinnerRolls   Dinner Rolls (1 dozen)
NthStrDoggieBiscotti   Doggie Biscotti ~ 1 lb. bag
CoonRockChickenLegs   Drumsticks (Legs), Label Rouge Chicken, 4/pack ~ 1.2 lbs
BeeBlessedEggsJumbo   Eggs - 1 dozen, Jumbo White or Brown Eggs with many Double Yolks
CoonRockFarmEggs   Eggs - 1 dozen, Medium/Large
ECOPeasShelling   English Garden Peas (need to be shelled) ~ 1 lb
BigSpoonExpressNutButter   Espresso Nut Butter, 10oz
GeorgiaOliveFarmsOliveOil   Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Georgia Grown ~ 16.9oz glass bottle
CoonRockFatBack   Fat Back (side meat) - 1 lb
RecipeFeaturedRecipeCard   Featured Recipe Card (FREE)
LocalsBestCatch   Fish, Best Catch ~ 1lb pack of fillets or steaks
BreadShopFocaccia   Focaccia (small)
EcoFarmChestnuts   Fresh Chestnuts ~ 1lb
LocalsFlounderFilletFresh   FRESH WIld Caught Flounder Fillets ~ 2 fillets, skin-on, 12oz
FrontierBakingPowder   Frontier Baking Powder (no aluminum added) MADE WITH 71% CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, 1oz bag
FrontierBasilCutSifted   Frontier Basil, Cut and Sifted, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierChilePepperPowderBlend   Frontier Chile Pepper Powder Seasoning Blend, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierCinnamonPowder   Frontier Cinnamon Ground Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierCumminSeedPowder   Frontier Cummin Seed Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierCurryPowderBlend   Frontier Curry Powder Seasoning Blend, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierDillCutSifted   Frontier Dill Weed, Cut and Sifted, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierFajitaBlend   Frontier Fajita Seasoning Blend, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierGarlicPowder   Frontier Garlic Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierGingerRootPowder   Frontier Ginger Root Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierGrillingRubBeefPork   Frontier Grilling Rub for Beef and Pork, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierGrillingRubPoultry   Frontier Grilling Rub for Poultry, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierItalianSeasoningBlend   Frontier Italian Seasoning Blend, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierMustardPowder   Frontier Mustard Ground Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierOnionPowder   Frontier Onion Powder, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierOreganoLeaf   Frontier Oregano Leaf Cut & Sifted, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierPepperCoarseGrind   Frontier Pepper, Black Coarse Grind, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierRosemaryWhole   Frontier Rosemary, Whole Leaf, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierSageLeafRubbed   Frontier Sage Leaf Rubbed, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
FrontierThymeWhole   Frontier Thyme, Whole Leaf, ORGANIC, 1 oz bag
BellaJuicerFruitVeggieBox   Fruit & Veggie Juicing Box ~ 8lbs
OrganicFruitBoxLarge   Fruit Mixed Box, Large Size Box, 16lbs
OrganicFruitBoxMedium   Fruit Mixed Box, Medium Size Box, 12lbs
OrganicFruitBoxSmall   Fruit Mixed Box, Small Size Box, 8lbs
OrganicGarlicWhite   Garlic, White Organic - 2 bulbs
OrganicGinger   Ginger, Whole Root, Organic ~ 1/4 lb
ImagineThatClassicWhiteBread   Gluten-Free Bread Loaf, Classic White
ImagineThatCountry-Sunflower   Gluten-Free Bread Loaf, Country Sunflower
ImagineThatEthiopianMltBread   Gluten-Free Bread Loaf, Ethiopian Millet
ImagineThatHeartyGrainBread   Gluten-Free Bread Loaf, Hearty Grain
ImagineThatAppleCinnStruMuff   Gluten-Free Muffins, Apple Cinnamon Streusel, 4 pack
ImagineThatBlueberryCornMuff   Gluten-Free Muffins, Blueberry, 4 pack
ImagineThatRaspLemonZestMuff   Gluten-Free Muffins, Raspberry Lemon Zest, 4 pack
ImagineThatPizzaCrust   Gluten-Free Pizza Crust, 10 in (pack of 2)
ECOGoatLadyChevrePlain   Goat Lady Chevre Cheese Log (plain) ~ 8oz
OrganicGrapefruit   Grapefruit - 2 Count
CoonRockBeefLiver   Grass Fed Beef Liver ~ 1 lbs
CoonRockKaleGreen   Green Curly Siberian Kale - 1 bunch
ECOScallions   Green Onions (Scallions) - 1 bunch
CoonRockGroundBeef   Ground Beef, Hamburger ~ 1 lb
CoonRockGroundBeefPatties   Ground Beef, Hamburger Patties - (3 per pack) ~ 1 lb
CoonRockLambGround   Ground Lamb ~ 1 lb
CoonRockMuttonGround   Ground Mutton ~ 1 lb
CoonRockGroundPork   Ground Pork ~ 1 lb
CCRFincaLaProvidencia   Guatemala Coffee – La Providencia – Lake Atitlan - 1/2 lb
CoonRockPorkHamRoast   Ham Roast Bone-in (uncured/fresh) ~ 2.5lbs
CoonRockFreshHam   Ham Roast Bone-in (uncured/fresh) ~ 3lbs
VirginiaVinegarWorksRedWine   Heritage Red Wine Vinegar
CoonRockTurkey6to8   Heritage Turkey - Pasture Raised, Free Range, GMO-Free - 7 to 8 lbs
GrowCookStockTurkey   Heritage Turkey Broth Stock (24 oz)
VirginiaVinegarWorksWhiteWine   Heritage White Wine Vinegar
kingcobrahoney1lb   Honey, Natural, Raw, Unfiltered - 1lb glass jar
kingcobrahoney8oz   Honey, Natural, Raw, Unfiltered - 8oz glass jar
CoonRockHotItalianSausage   Hot Italian Sausage Cased Links ~ 1 lb
CoonRockHotSageSausage   Hot Sausage with Extra Sage, bulk ~ 1 lb
ECOHushPuppy   Hush Puppy Mix - 1 lb. bag
JackRudyBittersAromatic   Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters ~ 2oz glass jar
JackRudyCherries   Jack Rudy Bourbon Cocktail Cherries ~ 16oz glass jar
JackRudyTonicElderflower   Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic ~ 17oz glass jar
JackRudyGrenadine   Jack Rudy Small Batch Grenadine ~ 17oz glass jar
JackRudySweetTeaSyrup   Jack Rudy Small Batch Sweet Tea Syrup ~ 17oz glass jar
JackRudyTonic   Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic ~ 17oz glass jar
CoonRockJalapenoSausage   Jalapeno Sausage Cased Links ~ 1lb
ShellyMacAppleButterJam   Jam, Apple Butter - 8oz
ShellyMacBlackberryJam   Jam, Blackberry - 8oz
ShellyMacBlueberryJam   Jam, Blueberry - 8oz
ShellyMacBlueberryPeachJam   Jam, Blueberry-Peach - 8oz
ShellyMacGingerPeachJam   Jam, Ginger Peach - 8oz
ShellyMacJalapenoPeachJam   Jam, Hot Jalapeno Peach - 8oz
ShellyMacPeachJam   Jam, Peach - 8oz
ShellyMacPlumJam   Jam, Plum - 8oz
ShellyMacRaspberryJam   Jam, Raspberry - 8oz
ShellyMacStrawberryJam   Jam, Strawberry - 8oz
ShellyMacTripleberryJam   Jam, Triple Berry - 8oz (raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries)
ECOKaleGreen   Kale, Green - 1 bunch
CoonRockKaleRedRussianBaby   Kale, Red Russian ~ 6oz
KLCandleBartlettPear16   Kerr Lake Candles Bartlett Pear Scent ~ 16oz
KLCandleBartlettPear8   Kerr Lake Candles Bartlett Pear Scent ~ 8oz
KLCandleCottonBlossom16   Kerr Lake Candles Cotton Blossom Scent ~ 16oz
KLCandleCottonBlossom8   Kerr Lake Candles Cotton Blossom Scent ~ 8oz
KLCandleFigCobbler16   Kerr Lake Candles Fig Cobbler Scent ~ 16oz
KLCandleFigCobbler8   Kerr Lake Candles Fig Cobbler Scent ~ 8oz
KLCandleMulledCider16   Kerr Lake Candles Hot Mulled Cider Scent ~ 16oz
KLCandleMacApple16   Kerr Lake Candles Macintosh Apple Scent ~ 16oz
KLCandleMacApple8   Kerr Lake Candles Macintosh Apple Scent ~ 8oz
ButterfieldsCandyLimeBuds   Key Lime Buds Candy, 3 oz
CoonRockKielbasaSausage   Kielbasa ~ 1lb package ~ 5 to 6 links
LafarmBreadAsiagoParmesan   La Farm Asiago Parmesan Bread
LafarmBreadCiabatta   La Farm Ciabatta Bread
LafarmCinnamonBuns   La Farm Cinnamon Buns, 1 per serving
LafarmCroissant   La Farm Croissant, 1 per serving
LafarmGranolaHearthBaked   La Farm Hearth Baked Granola ~ 1lb
LafarmBreadItalian   La Farm Italian Bread ~ 1lb loaf
LafarmBreadMultiGrain1lb   La Farm MultiGrain Bread ~ 1lb loaf
LafarmPainAuChocolat   La Farm Pain Au Chocolat Croissant, 1 per serving
LafarmBreadPiedmontSourdough   La Farm Piedmont Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread ~ 3lb Sandwich Loaf
LafarmBreadRye   La Farm Rye Bread
LafarmSconesBlueRasp   La Farm Scones, Blueberry & Raspberry, 1 per serving
LafarmSconesChocWhiteCinn   La Farm Scones, Cinnamon & White Chocolate, 1 per serving
LafarmSconesChocWhiteDark   La Farm Scones, White & Dark Chocolate, 1 per serving
LafarmBreadSignature   La Farm Signature Bread ~ 1/4 loaf
LafarmCakeSourCream   La Farm Sour Cream Coffee Cake
LafarmBreadBaguetteMiniWhChoc   La Farm White Chocolate Mini-Baguette, 1 per order
LafarmBreadSweetWhiteChoc   La Farm White Chocolate Raspberry Sweet Bread
LafarmBreadYeastRolls   La Farm Yeast Rolls (tin of 9)
CoonRockBrothStockChicken   Label Rouge Chicken Broth Stock (24 oz)
EdwardsHamLambSliced4oz   Lamb Ham Slices, Dry Cured ~ 4oz
CoonRockLambLegSteaks   Lamb Leg Steaks (1 thick steaks) ~ 1 lbs
CoonRockLambLoinChops   Lamb Loin Chops ~ .8 lbs
CoonRockLambLoinRoast   Lamb Loin Roast ~ 1.2 lbs
CoonRockLambNeckSlice   Lamb Neck Slices - 2 slices ~ 1lb
CoonRockLambRibChops   Lamb Rib Chops ~ .8 lbs
CoonRockLambShank   Lamb Shank - 2 shanks ~ 1.4 lb
CoonRockLambShoulderChops   Lamb Shoulder Chop (2 chops) ~ 1 lbs
CoonRockLambShoulderBoneIn   Lamb Shoulder Roast (bone-in) ~ 3.5 lbs
CoonRockLambRibs   Lamb SpareRibs - 2 lbs
CoonRockLambSoupBones   Lamb/Mutton Soup Bones ~ 3lb to 4lb bag
CoonRockLambHotSageSausage   Lamb/Mutton, Hot Sage Sausage, 4 links ~ 1 pound
CoonRockLard   Lard (rendered) - 1 qt tub
CoonRockLavender   Lavender (scented leaves) - 1 oz
CoonRockLardLeaf   Leaf Lard (unrendered) ~ 1lb
CoonRockLambLegRoast   Leg of Lamb Roast ~ 4.5 lbs
CoonRockChickenLegQuarters   Leg Quarters, Label Rouge Chicken ~ 1.8 lbs
OrganicLemon   Lemons - 1lb, 3 to 4 ea
ECOLettuceButterhead   Lettuce, Butterhead - 1 head
ECOLettuceMesclun   Lettuce, Salad Mesclun Mix - 6 oz
BagelBarCCVeggieLight   Light Cream Cheese, Veggie (1/2 lb pack)
OrganicLimes   Limes - 1lb ~ 3 to 4 ea
CoonRockBeefLondonBroil   London Broil Beef Roast ~ 2 lbs
RanLewMilkLowFat   Low Fat Milk, 1/2 gallon
SunBurstTroutFilletColdSmoked   Lox Style Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout ~ 4oz, sliced
LustyMonkHoneyMustard   Lusty Monk Altar Boy Honey Mustard (9 oz)
LustyMonkMustardOriginalSin   Lusty Monk Original Sin Mustard (9 oz)
OrganicMangoes   Mango, Organic, 1 ea
OrganicMangoesBulk   Mangoes Bluk, Organic, 3 ea
SouthernMostMapleSyrupPint   Maple Syrup ~ 1 pint jug
SouthernMostMapleSyrupHalfPint   Maple Syrup ~ 1/2 pint jug
SouthernMostMapleSyrupOz   Maple Syrup ~ 3.4oz jug
BreadShopLoafMarbleRye   Marble Rye Loaf Bread (sliced)
MelinaFettuccineEgg   Melina's Fresh Pasta Fettuccine, Egg (plain) - 1lb
MelinaGnocchiRicotta   Melina's Fresh Pasta Gnocchi, Ricotta - 1 lb
MelinaGnocchiSpinach   Melina's Fresh Pasta Gnocchi, Spinach - 1 lb
MelinaMealsLasagna4Cheese   Melina's Fresh Pasta Lasagna 4 cheese and roasted Garlic Lasagna, Frozen 2.5lb container
MelinaMealsLasagnaMargherita   Melina's Fresh Pasta Lasagna Margherita, Frozen 2.5lb container
MelinaDoughPizzaWhite   Melina's Fresh Pasta Pizza Dough (white and wheat flour blend) ~ 1lb
MelinaRavioli3Cheese   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, 3 Cheese and Roasted Garlic - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliArtichoke   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, Artichoke - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliFigGorgonzola   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, Fig and Gorgonzola Cheese - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliGreek   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, Greek Style - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliLemonRicotta   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, Lemon Ricotta - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliPimentoCheese   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, Pimento Cheese - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliPumpkin   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, Pumpkin - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliSpinachCheese   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, Spinach and Cheese - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaRavioliSpringPeaMint   Melina's Fresh Pasta Ravioli, Spring Pea and Mint - 12 Jumbo Ravioli
MelinaSpaghetti   Melina's Fresh Pasta Spaghetti - 1lb
MelinaLinguineSpinach   Melina's Fresh Pasta Spinach Linguine - 1lb
MelinaShells   Melina's Fresh Pasta Veggie Shells - 1lb
GreenRiverPicklesJalepeno   MF Jalapeno Pickles, 16 oz glass jar
CoonRockMint   Mint - 1 oz
ECOLettuceRedLeaf   Mixed Head Lettuce ~ 8 oz
MollyPecansBourbon   Molly & Me Bourbon Pecans ~ 9oz
MollyPecansPraline   Molly & Me Praline Pecans ~ 9oz
MollyPecansSalted   Molly & Me Roasted Salted Pecans ~ 9oz
MollyPecansSugarSpice   Molly & Me Sugar and Spice Pecans ~ 9oz
0-FreezerPalletFee   Monthly Freezer Pallet Fee
NthStrBBmuffin   Muffins, Blueberry ~ Mega-size (bag of 3)
NthStrBranmuffin   Muffins, Bran ~ Mega-size (bag of 3)
NthStrCarrotmuffin   Muffins, Carrot ~ Mega-size (bag of 3)

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